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What is ER?

Our mission at ER is to be the leading online media training program in the country, and is all about educating and empowering aspiring experts, communicators, thought leaders and content producers to be seen and heard by traditional and modern media. From beginner to expert, we’ve got you.

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Connecting to people on a personal level is incredibly important in building confidence in your message and your brand. Developing and amplifying your personal brand enables you to build trust, connection & credibility.

Lanna Hill

Managing Director, Expert Registry

Why do Media

Whilst the media landscape has changed and continues to rapidly evolve, the power of traditional media in building brand awareness, credibility and a compelling point of difference for individuals and brands has not. Consumers today demand transparency and a sense of purpose from the brands they buy from – there needs to be a face behind the brand. The amplification and elevation of your brand is one of the biggest reasons to engage with the media.

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